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HostPalace's TIER II Premium Network (AS134512, AS133229)
multiple TIER I transits and Peering exchange

Our Network (AS134512, AS133229 )

HostPalace operate own TIER II network, Redundant setup with 100% uptime makes our network more reliable.

Our Tier II network utilised by HostPalace Web Solution Private Limited has an uptime of 100%. Our premium network consists of multiple Tier-1 providers and the largest internet exchanges in the world. This mix of different transit providers and internet exchanges guarantees maximum performance with low latency. Low Latency and availability are the essence of the HostPalace Premium Network.

HostPalace Premium Network can be delivered through different ports of 1 Gigabit up to multiple 10 Gigabit

Transit : AS174 (Cogent), AS43350 (Nforce)

Peering : AMS-IX, SPEED-IX

PoP In Europe: Global Switch Amsterdam, Equinix Amsterdam AM5, Equinix Amsterdam AM7, Nikhef

Looking Glass : lg.host-palace.com