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How to install/uninstall CSF firewall?


CSF is a common used software firewall for linux based on iptables. They have a plugin available for Cpanel and we'll explain you how to install.
First make sure you are logged in as root and have no other firewall installed.

- Download the CSF files:

wget https://download.configserver.com/csf.tgz

- Extract the files on your server and enter the csf directory:

tar -xvf csf.tgz && cd csf

- Install CSF for Cpanel:

sh install.cpanel.sh

That's it, CSF has now been installed! You will notice it will show CSF on the left bottom side of your WHM so you can manage it from within Cpanel / WHM.

Remark: by default, the CSF firewall is running in 'testing' mode, you have to alter it by editing the file '/etc/csf/csf.conf' by changing TESTING = "0" into TESTING = "1"

- Uninstall CSF for Cpanel:

# cd /etc/csf
# sh uninstall.sh